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Twelve Turns, Eleven Cars: PCA Road Atlanta

What’s better than taking a Porsche to the historic southern road course?  Taking eleven.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon a bevy of transporters lined up outside the Road Atlanta gates under clear blue skies and cool temps.  The trucks and trailers carried a wide assortment of Porsches, and the PCA regulars soon to pilot them climbed down from their trucks to greet each other and chat easily over the quiet diesel Audi prototype circling the track a few final times.  The Autometrics Motorsports crew, too, gathered at the fence, debated whether the prototype was running the full course or not (it was running consistent, low 1:09s), and wondered aloud at the weekend’s wet weather forecast.  Then we got down to the most important matter at hand and talked trash about each other’s personal street cars.

It was the perfect start to a weekend.

Road Atlanta Craig Finley

Soon the gates would open, the four Autometrics Motorsports transporters would open to reveal eleven track-prepped Porsches.  Canopies would go up, fuel drums would be filled, and seemingly endless stacks of dry and wet weather tires would grow like weeds at the corners of our paddock space.

Road Atlanta Jimmy Martin

Thursday broke clear and cold.  The stacks of dry tires shrank to the sound of the air guns, and the coffee pot emptied long before the first green flag.  When the noise restriction lifted at 8am, Craig Finley’s GT3 Cup shattered the silence.  Recently freshened after long storage and updated with paddle shifters, the car took to the track for a full evaluation by team driver Cory Friedman.  A few adjustments later the silver, grey and red machine turned through 10a and 10b, level, loud and fast.  Cory then switched to Joe Toussaint’s recently re-engined 996 GT3 RS.  A few shakedown laps clicked by.  A few changes were made.  Then 10a and 10b again witnessed a level, loud and fast Autometrics Motorsports car.  This one was silver, red and blue and just lifted its inside front wheel at the exit of 10b.

Road Atlanta Joe Toussaint

By Friday morning the whole circus had come to town and the paddock filled with competitors.  Also rain.  Not that it mattered to Jim Leslie.  In his first appearance with Autometrics and his first event at Road Atlanta, Leslie went out every session and ceaselessly refined his racing line and braking points.

Road Atlanta Charles Price

All of the Autometrics Motorsports drivers and crew, in fact, danced with the rain in one form or another all weekend.  Tires changed from wet to dry and back again. The dry racing line came and went; appearing in some turns while puddles appeared in others.  It was a wild weather weekend.  It was also incredibly fun.  And despite several accidents that, unfortunately, inflicted serious damage to many a PCA competitor’s car, the Autometrics Motorsports stable saw just two incidents all weekend.  Neither accident was terribly serious.

Road Atlanta Chris Dooley

Please see below for full results and a detailed photo gallery of the on track action.  And, as always, please contact us for all of your Porsche needs.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 1.13.05 PM

The 2014 PCA Season Begins

With the crazy weather that’s been bombarding the Southeast this winter, it wasn’t a surprise that the PCA season opener at Sebring International Raceway January 30th through February 2nd witnessed wet and blustery conditions for much of the weekend.  But a little bad weather didn’t stop us from bringing ten cars to the track and winning 7 races.

The real weather issue wasn’t at the track, in fact.  It was home in Charleston on the Wednesday departure date when roads and bridges were frozen and the sleet fell consistently.  Without the salt-dispensing plows so common in Northern locales, Charleston’s best strategy to deploy in the face of inclement winter weather is to close the bridges and encourage everyone to stay home.  The Autometrics crew delayed their 6am departure for a few hours, then tip-toed out of town when the temperature crept just above freezing and roads became passable.

Autometrics Motorsports Transporter
At the track the crew quickly set about installing rain tires and briefing drivers Gary Pennington, Laurent Verstreken, Anthony Jernigan, Joe Toussaint, Russell Williams, Jimmy Martin, Charles Price, Bob Hahn, Chris Dooley and Kevin Violette about the band of precipitation extending from the Gulf of Mexico through Charleston.

None of whom, race results suggest, were particularly bothered by the wet track and ever-changing conditions.

Gary Pennington Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup

Gary Pennington in the #50 2012 Porsche 997 GT3 Cup turned in quick performances in the C5 class with consistent 4th place finishes.

Laurent Verstreken Porsche 997 GT3 Carrera Cup
Laurent Verstreken in the #074 Porsche 997 GT3 Cup continually refined his driving style and car setup to the changing conditions and gained positions with every A2 session.  Starting 11th in the wet qualifying session, Laurent turned in an excellent drive to finish 3rd in the enduro.

Joe Toussaint Porsche 996 GT3 RS

Joe Toussaint showed commanding speed in the A1 class #900 Porsche 996 GT3 RS with 1st place finishes in qualifying, the fun race, night qualifying, and the night race.  In the second sprint race he finished 2nd.

Anthony Jernigan may have only been able to stay for the wet qualifying and damp fun race in the C4 class, but he took the #70 997 GT3 Cup from a 9th place qualifying spot to a 6th place race finish.

Russell Williams, too, could only stay for the A1 class wet qualifying and damp fun race but he nevertheless displayed consistent speed with 2nd place finishes in both.

Jimmy Martin Porsche Cayman Race Car

Jimmy Martin in the H class #57 Porsche Cayman easily spent the most time on track by competing in, and finishing, every critical session.  For his efforts in the rain, Jimmy started and finished first in the fun race, night qualifying and night race. Additionally, Martin earned a 2nd place finishes in the qualifying, and 3rd and 4th place finishes, respectively, in the two sprint races.  Cory joined Jimmy for the enduro, and even with a broken sway bar link, finished within a half-second of the class winner.

Charles Price Porsche 997

Charles Price continued to dial-in his new H class #47 Porsche 997 with consistently quick drives.  After earning a 7th in a very wet qualifying session, he finished second in the wet fun race.  He also finished 5th and 3rd in the two sprint races, and 4th in the enduro.

Bob Hahn Porsche 944 Turbo
Bob Hahn in the F class #787 Porsche 944 Turbo ran up front at all times with 1st in wet qualifying and second place finishes in both sprint races.

Chris Dooley Porsche 996 GT3

Chris Dooley and his beautiful new #324 Porsche 996 GT3 showed front running speed in J class with 1st place finishes in both the sprint race and enduro.

Kevin Violette in the #181 Porsche 996 GT3 raced to victory in the J class sprint race as well as qualifying 3rd in qualifying.

Please find below our gallery of the weekend and, as always, contact us if you’d like to campaign a Porsche on track, receive driver-coaching or engineering expertise from our record-holding team, or buy, sell, store or maintain a Porsche.





Earning Porsche’s First IMSA ST Podium

Daytona Beach, Florida (24 January 2014) Autometrics Motorsports opened the 2014 IMSA Continental Tire racing season at Daytona International Speedway with strong drives by team drivers Baum, Friedman, Ruscitti, and Isman, and the first podium for a Porsche in the ST class.


David Baum and Cory Friedman turned in blistering drives in the #24 Autometrics Motorsports / Mac Papers / Hastings Fiberglass / Porsche Cayman to move from a 10th place qualifying position to a 3rd place by race’s end.  During the closing laps Friedman set the race’s second fastest lap and was dicing with the 1st and 2nd place competitors before a final caution flag came out and remained in place until the checkered. 

The third place finish marks the first for Porsche in the hotly contested IMSA Continental Tire ST Class.


Remo Ruscitti and Adam Isman highlighted their first race in the #04 Autometrics Motorsports / BOSA Construction / DE Labs / Burgers, Etc. / Porsche Boxter with a strong 12th place qualifying effort and an 11th place race finish.  The duo ran as high as 8th during the race but were knocked from their position as a result of contact with a competitor. Ruscitti immediately rejoined the track post-contact, however, and charged through the field reclaiming five positions in just one lap.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Porsche their first podium in IMSA Continental Tire ST competition,” said Autometrics Motorsports team principal Gordon Friedman.  “This result is a testament to David and Cory who’ve consistently driven their best while developing our brand new Cayman, and to Remo and Adam who’ve been on pace from day one.  Together with our incredible crew we’ll keep striving for strong finishes, race wins and the championship.”

Look for Autometrics Motorsports to build upon this strong, season-opening performance when the IMSA Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge visits the fabled Sebring International Raceway, March 13-14, for round 2 of the 12-race season.

Autometrics Motorsports has been building and campaigning Porsches at the highest levels of competition for more than thirty years and provides these services for customers across the United States.  More information about the team and its services are available on the team’s official website 




Celebrating 50 years of the 911 at Daytona

Much like the roller-rink birthdays of our childhood, this past weekend’s HSR Daytona Historics celebrated the Porsche 911’s 50th birthday with partygoers driving in circles to loud music. 

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary HSR Daytona 2

To be sure, there were some key differences between this party and those of our childhood.  Circles were a considerably faster with some cars in the Prototype and GT1 classes besting 200 mph.  Music was significantly louder (and, in the case of our rink DJ, better) with grumbling flat-sixes and wailing Judd V-10s filling the air.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary HSR Daytona 4

Autometrics Motorsports arrived at the track with three Porsche GT3 Cups prepared for team drivers Mac McGehee, Laurent Verstreken, and Cory Friedman, and all immediately set about running up front from the moment the trailer doors opened.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary HSR Daytona 3

Cory Friedman in the #1 Autometrics Motorsports 997 GT3 Cup qualified on pole for Friday’s 911 feature race despite the qualifying session being hampered by constant traffic and Friedman having just one relatively clear lap.  In what would become a theme for the weekend, however, the weather would have other plans.  As the 911 feature race got underway so too did the rain which had only been a light drizzle before.  As the rain increased and decreased in quick succession the decision to switch to rain tires became a crapshoot.  Verstreken and Friedman chose dry tires while McGehee chose rains.  In the end, McGehee’s decision was the wise one and he paired this correct tire choice with consistently quick driving to finish the race in third place.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary HSR Daytona 7

Saturday again saw inconsistent weather and a qualifying session heavily influenced by traffic.  Cory Friedman was again the fastest Porsche on track but as this field was combined with the significantly more powerful and wider-tired GT1 cars, his time was good for 6th overall.  Starting position soon became irrelevant as the skies opened during the race warm up laps.  Many drivers, including Laurent Verstreken, immediately pitted for rains and rejoined at the back of the field.  McGehee soon followed and then Friedman was able to come in as the race went green.  Cars that took to the warm up laps on rains held an immediate advantage, holding their qualifying position on the right tires while those that changed later were forced to play catch up.  Verstreken and McGehee put in outstanding performances holding top five positions for the duration.  Friedman charged through the field, first regaining his lost lap and then, heading towards the checkered slipping by Verstreken for third.  Friedman took third, Verstreken fourth, and McGehee fifth.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary HSR Daytona 6

Sunday’s first race was a wild one.  Qualifying positions carried over from Saturday but this was the only consistency to be found.  Saturday’s rain had thoroughly washed the course and the resulting “green” track offered little grip.  The race briefly went green before it was black-flagged for oil on track.  By the time the race went green again oil dry was across the infield sections and the GT1 cars were particularly affected.  The resulting speed differential saw Friedman in the leading Porsche Cup passing GT1s through the infield only to be repassed by the 200+mph GT1s on the banking.  Nevertheless, Friedman was able to maintain his lead to secure a first in class.  Verstreken again turned in a consistent fourth place drive, and McGehee raced to seventh place.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary HSR Daytona 8

Finally, Sunday witnessed a two-hour enduro with all classes of cars in attendance on track at once.  McGehee and Friedman shared driving duties with McGehee driving a consistent one-hour opening leg and Friedman closing out the final hour.  The duo’s speed and traffic awareness paid off with a first in class and fifth overall.

The weekend was, by all accounts, a wonderful was to ring in the 911’s 50th and we’d like to thank HSR for putting on such a great event.

As always, contact us if you’d like to campaign a Porsche on track, receive driver-coaching or engineering expertise from our record-holding team, buy, sell, store, or maintain a Porsche.


Video: Road America PCA 2013 Qualifying

Video: Road America PCA 2013 Enduro

Autometrics Wins at VIR

In recent years, the late June Porsche Club of America race at Virginia International Raceway became as well known for its hot weather as for its fierce on-track action.  This year the weather was perfect.  And while the competition was as fierce as ever Autometrics Motorsports left famous, 3.27-mile, 17-turn track with a little more hardware for the trophy case.

Joe Toussaint Porsche GT3 VIR 2

Joe Toussaint put on a display of skill and speed in the GTA1 class by placing the #900 Porsche 996 third on the starting grid.  From here Toussaint fought to a 2nd place finish in race one and then flew to victories in both race 2 and the fun race.

Anthony Jernigan Porsche GT3 VIR

Anthony Jernigan in the #711 Porsche GT3 Cup turned in a strong qualifying performance to start 2nd on the GTC4 grid and then drove with consistency and speed to finish 2nd in race one.  Race two, as well, was shaping up to be a podium for Jernigan when an incident damaged the GT3 and forced a retirement.

Jimmy Martin Porsche Cayman VIR
Jimmy Martin in the #57 Porsche Cayman began the weekend with a solid 5th place qualifying effort and then shaved time from his laps session after session.  Martin’s continually increasing speed led to a 4th place in race one.  In race two he appeared to be headed to a podium when a spinning competitor collected him and forced his retirement

Please find below our gallery of the weekend and, as always, contact us if you’d like to campaign a Porsche on track, receive driver-coaching or engineering expertise from our record-holding team, or buy, sell, store or maintain a Porsche.

Autometrics Leads the Way at Watkins Glen

If there’s one thing we can say about the historic Watkins Glen International racetrack in upstate New York it’s this: we love it. (more…)

Autometrics Motorsports visits Circuit of the Americas

Finding The Circuit of the Americas, its sweeping turns, large elevation changes, massive runoff areas and striking observation tower on the outskirts of Austin Texas—a city best known for its outstanding music festival and staunch individualism—is a bit like discovery your favorite folksinger moonlights as a nuclear scientist.  It’s unexpected and utterly impressive.  No surprise then, that interest in the Porsche Club of America race at the new venue was intense, and that Autometrics Motorsports arrived with no fewer than six entries. (more…)

Road Atlanta PCA 2013 Photo Gallery