2009 Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup For Sale

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This 2009 Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup displays impeccable condition and has recently benefitted from the addition of a Manthy throttle-blipper and a recent  $18,000-plus transmission rebuild and update performed at Autometrics Motorsports.  The GT3 is ready for immediate inspection and purchase at our Charleston, SC facility for $$$$$ or best offer.

2009 Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup For Sale Front

This GT3 was built to be both eligible for and competitive in a number of racing classes including PCA GTC4, NASA GTS5, IMSA Challenge Gold Class and many others.  To accomplish this level of competitveness the GT3 Cup is equipped with a wide range of mechanical improvements and a substantial assortment of driver-oriented extras.  These include:

-Manthy throttle blipper

-MoTec ADL2 Digital Dash

-MoTec Shift Light Module

-MoTec Beacon

-Brake and steering angle sensors

-ECU bridge

-x2 Black BBS wheelsets with scuffed dry tires

-x1 Silver BBS wheelset with scuffed rain tires

-Snap-On torque wrench

-High pressure wand and hose for on-board air jacking system

-Full Cool Suit system with helmet blower

-SmartyCam system with data, video and GPS

-Motorola driver’s radio

-x2 Motorola handheld radios with headsets

-custom seat brace

2009 Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup For Sale Side

Of particular importance is this GT3 Cup’s remarkable condition.  The car has never been in any serious accidents, the tub has never needed any major repair, and the total chassis time numbers approximately 100 hours. 

2009 Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup For Sale Engine

Recent servicing is extensive including an elaborate trans rebuild to current specs, rebuilding of the blue axles, and a full teardown of the front shocks. The engine has never required any major service, emits no strange noises, and displays no measurable blow-by on a pressure gauge or on the dyno.  The GT3 is ready for another 20 hours on track immediately.

2009 Porsche GT3 Carrera Cup For Sale Interior

It is, in short, fast, safe, and well prepared, and is the perfect car in which to hone one’s driving skills on open track days or to gather trophies on race day.