2005 Porsche 997 PCA Race Car For Sale

Built by Synergy at a cost of some $225,000 and formerly driven by the likes of Patrick Long, this 2005 Porsche 997 has since been campaigned by two Autometrics Motorsports customers, and benefits from extensive updates totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Fully prepped and race ready, the 997 can run up front in either GTB or I classes with minimal changes and awaits inspection and purchase at our Charleston, SC facility for SOLD.

2005 Porsche 997 PCA Race Car For Sale 5

Prepared to PCA H class standards for the current owner, this 997 was updated to the full extent of the rules with a factory, six-piston brake upgrade (a $7,000 upgrade including all-new uprights, two-piece rotors and more…) Motion Control double adjustable shocks, complete monoball suspension pivot points, a fuel dry break, a complete FVD race exhaust, a water-to-oil transmission cooler, solid subframe mounts and a Cup shifter and cable. Shortly thereafter, when H-class rule changes outlawed six piston calipers, the 997 was further developed into an I-class car with an ECU reflash, a Teves ABS system, an AIM dash, a Getty Design Racing Cup decklid, a Getty design Cup wing on factory uprights, and an OEM Cup front bumper and splitter.

2005 Porsche 997 PCA Race Car For Sale 1

The result is an incredibly well prepared 997 that can compete in I class “as is” or can be prepped for the large and competitive GTB class with the installation of slicks and the included Cup rear wing, and the removal of ballast.

2005 Porsche 997 PCA Race Car For Sale 2

A walkaround reveals a clean and well prepared 997 sitting on beautiful and lightweight color-matched Forgeline wheels. The bodywork is straight with no major issues or blemishes, the paintwork shows only the slightest wear consistent with use, and mechanical components are clean and orderly. Put simply, it is ready to run up front, today, with no excuses.

2005 Porsche 997 PCA Race Car For Sale 3

With its high level of updates and ability to be easily configured for several race classes, this Porsche 997 promises to be an enjoyable and competitive racecar for its next owner.

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