2009 Porsche Cayman

This 2009 Porsche Cayman 2.9 liter has found its way to the podium in IMSA, World Challenge and PCA.  Currently in World Challenge TC spec and eligible for PCA GT4, the 987.2 is available for immediate inspection and purchase at our Charleston, SC facility for SOLD.



This Cayman is stunningly fast and easy to drive due to extensive performance upgrades.  Motion control double-adjustable shocks and GT3RSR control arms with Tarett blade adjustable sway bars are tuned and balanced from years of professional racing.  The Motec C125 dash logger is an incredibly powerful tool for developing the car and driver.  The Lucasfab exhaust and ECU tune enhance the surprising potency of the 2.9 liter flat-six engine.  A lightweight flywheel and Numeric cables create efficient shifting of the 6-speed transmission.  The Guard limited slip differential maximized power delivery.  Aero is also improved with the World Challenge sec splitter and Crawford Wing.  The Bosch Motorsport M4 ABS generates incredible stopping power and greatly improves safety.



The performance of the 987 is matched and perhaps surpassed by the safety.  The roll cage is well above industry standard.  Besides being incredibly strong, it also fits unbelievably tight to the car and is configured to accommodate taller drivers.  Schroth endurance harnesses hold the driver in the OMP carbon seat.  Other driver comforts include a drink system and cool suit.

Starting life as an endurance racer, the stock fuel tank uses a fender-mounted dry break and discriminator valve for quick, safe fills.  The power steering and transmission are both fitted with water-to-oil coolers for packaging and efficiency.

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