1995 Porsche 993 RS Clone For Sale

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Specially ordered from the factory with sunroof delete, back seat delete, and speed yellow paint, this 1995 Porsche 993 was the closest Americans could get to the celebrated, wildly expensive, and Rest-Of-The-World only Porsche 993 RS.  It was ordered in such a stripped, lightweight specification precisely because the owner wanted a US-legal RS and stood ready to convert his new 993 into an RS clone using genuine Porsche parts wherever available.  The result is this surgically clean, 69,000 mile RS Clone that boasts first rate components, ranks among the nicest 993s we’ve ever seen, and awaits a new owner at our Charleston, SC facility for $$$$$.

Porsche 993 RS Clone For Sale36-M

Though Porsche does not readily disclose production numbers for all of its option codes, anyone who has looked for a factory sunroof delete 993 can vouch for the fact that they are exceptionally rare cars.  Add to this the factory deletion of the rear seat and speed yellow paint and you have a 993 that is unlikely to be repeated in the US.

Porsche 993 RS Clone For Sale55-M

But the real measure of this car’s uniqueness may actually lie in both its stunning build sheet and exceptional cleanliness.

Porsche 993 RS Clone For Sale44-M

On the build sheet side of the equation is a spare-no-expense list of components and factory options:

Porsche 993 RS Clone For Sale43-M

In addition to this 993’s remarkable build sheet, the current owner’s fastidious attention to detail is also of note.  Since acquiring the car some two years ago the current owner purchased the genuine Speedline RS wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport tires, the Recaro seats and the complete RS/RSR suspension at a tremendous cost.  The intention, of course, was to drive the car.  Instead, time constraints have meant the 993 has travelled less than 1,000 mile during his ownership and it’s time for the car to pass to someone who can drive it more often.  The 993 lived indoors for the duration of the seller’s ownership and was routinely detailed and polished despite its low miles.  So careful is the current owner, in fact, he put the car on jackstands, removed all four wheels, and detailed the wheel wells before delivery it to our shop for sale.  This, after carefully detailing the rest of the car.

Porsche 993 RS Clone For Sale08-M

This  993, then, is a unique opportunity to purchase a desirably optioned, air cooled Porsche that has been updated with factory RS components.  And at $$$$$ it is available far below the cost of its construction and orders of magnitude less than $300k required to purchase an original 993 RS. 

Personal inspections at our Charleston, SC facility are welcome.