Have Autometrics Build Your Perfect Porsche Race Car

At Autometrics Motorsports, we’ve been building competitive racecars—from the ground up—for more than thirty years and our numerous championships and regular race wins at tracks across the country are a direct result of our experience and relentless pursuit of performance. 

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, Street Trim

Our builds are well-known for their obsessive attention to detail.  Only no-stories, low mileage Porsches are selected for conversion into track cars, whether this car is for sale down the street or across the country.    

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, Stripped

Once in the Autometrics Motorsports stable, a future race car is torn down to a bare or nearly-bare chassis.  An extensive, weld-in roll cage is fabricated for each individual car according to our precise specifications, then the cage is custom painted according to the customer’s desires.  Mechanical components are comprehensively inspected using state-of-the-art equipment, and then reconditioned, and reinstalled. But only if they’re absolutely necessary.  Everything else, including the interior, sound deadening, and even unnecessary wires in the wiring harness, are removed.

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, Custom Cage

Driver fittings are scheduled to ensure the steering wheel, shifter, seat and pedals fit perfectly.  A custom-made fire suppression system is plumbed and wired. 

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, Cockpit

New springs shocks, swaybars, endlinks and more are installed and race-aligned by our professional engineers on our in-house, laser alignment rig.  In cases where the racing class allows drivetrain modifications, new exhausts, engine maps, induction systems, gear ratios, ring and pinions, paddle shifters, and even completely rebuilt engines are installed. 

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, Engine Mods

No matter the extent of the drivetrain modifications, all or our race car builds end with extensive tuning and testing on our in-house chassis dyno.  No car leaves the dyno, or indeed Autometrics Motorsports, until we are certain it can win races on day one.

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, Front Wheel

This process is time consuming, difficult, and expensive.  But so is winning.  And when we’re done building a track car it’s ready to do just that.

Porsche GT3 Race Car For Sale, Built to Spec, On Track

If you have an interest in racing—and winning—in a Porsche, the process couldn’t be easier.  Pick a racing series and class.  Then pick the kind of Porsche you’d like to run.  We’ll do the rest.

For more information about our builds please contact us, see the photo gallery of our recent PCA J-class Porsche GT3 racecar below or, better still, ask one of our customers.