2008 GT3 RS 4.0

Project GT3 RS Part 1: The Champion’s 4.0 Liter Frog

While Porsche’s fantastically quick GT3 RS may leave the factory with little room for improvement, don’t tell Rolex Grand-Am Champion Leh Keen.  His own signal green GT3 RS has just entered the Autometrics Motorsport’s stable for a serious dose of … Continue reading

Project GT3 RS Part 2: Teardown

To turn Leh Keen’s GT3 RS into the ultimate road-scorching supercar we have to start where all project cars begin: on the lift with nothing on the schedule but deconstruction.   For better or worse, 911s have a reputation for … Continue reading

Project GT3 RS Part 3: The 4.0 Liter Comes Together

We’re not going to give Autometrics Motorsports owner and engine builder Gordon Friedman’s secrets away by describing in detail all of the tricks going into Leh Keen’s 4.0 liter engine build.  What we will say is the engine build, like … Continue reading

Project GT3 RS Part 4: Dynos and Doughnuts

With the new, Autometrics-Motorsports-built 4.0 liter engine and transmission in place, it was time for the GT3 RS to head off to the dyno to measure the new and improved power figures. Continue reading