Race Prep

Porsche 996 GT3 PCA Race CarAs a regular entrant and supporter of drivers in Porsche Club of America and Grand Am races from East Coast to West, Autometrics Motorsports knows how to prepare Porsches for competition.  We strive to provide customers with winning cars for every event whether building a Porsche to the full extent of the PCA rulebook or mounting performance tires on a daily driver for track days.  If you are thinking about driving a Porsche on track or in competition, give us a call.

Engine and Gearbox Builds

Porsche GT3 4.0 Valves and SpringsOur specialty.  Quite simply, no one builds Porsche motors and gearboxes as well as we have for the past 31 years.  The process begins with a comprehensive inspection, teardown, and multistep cleaning process.  All components are then brought to our specially constructed clean room where another inspection takes place and all worn parts are replaced with new.  Engines and gearboxes are carefully reassembled according to the customer’s use and are either delivered ready-to-install, or are installed on site and tuned on our in-house chassis dyno.

Tuning and Alignment

Autometrics Motorsports Corner Weight and Alignment Rig 2Track time is precious.  Make the most of it by having your car tuned and aligned on some of the most advanced equipment in the southeast.  Autometrics Motorsports uses an in-house Dynojet chassis dyno and Hunter Hawkeye Elite 3D camera alignment system to ensure every racecar rolls off the trailer ready to run.  By aligning and tuning customer cars long before they reach the racetrack, we let customers focus their time and effort where they should: out of pit lane and on track. 

Track Support

Autometrics Motorsports Track SupportWe pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, friendly trackside environment where the needs of car and driver are catered to, and where customers can focus on driving.  Backed by our fully supplied tractor trailer, our mechanics access a wide array of spares and specialty tools with which they carefully prepare customer cars.  Better still, this same trailer provides a home base where Autometrics drivers can eat, rest, and discuss their driving.  There is no easier way to go racing.

Driver Coaching

Autometrics Motorsports Driver CoachingWinning races takes the right equipment, lots of practice, and good instruction.  Autometrics Motorsport offers comprehensive driving instruction including driving analysis by Cory Friedman, data analysis by Adam Friedman, data-logging, video recording and more.  Go faster by spending a day at the track with our driving coaches.


Autometrics Motorsports TransporterFully-enclosed, licensed, insured, and piloted by experienced drivers, our transporters take the time and effort out of car delivery.  Whether to and from our shop, the track, or a customer’s home or shop, there is no easier way to move a car than by giving us a call.   


Autometrics Motorsports Car StorageWhat better place to store your racecar than the shop that prepares and campaigns it?  Customers who take advantage of Autometrics Motorsports storage enjoy the ultimate in carefree Porsche ownership.  One phone call is all it takes to have the car moved from storage, race-prepared and delivered to the track.


Autometrics Motorsports Car For Sale ServiceAutometrics Motorsports routinely offers a wide array Porsches for sale from well-maintained street cars to full-bore factory race cars.  If you are thinking about buying or selling a Porsche, Autometrics Motorsports is the place to go.