Colours Inc Autometrics Motorsports Please with Sebring Result

The Colours Inc Autometrics Motorsport team is very pleased with their results after the first round at Sebring International Raceway.

Crew chief Gordon Friedman states “We are plenty familiar with the car as we ran it last year as well. This year however the team is an alliance between us and some resources from Minneapolis. The dynamics within the team are absolutely perfect. Fernando is driving with us for the first time. We are getting used to his personal taste, but things are coming along much faster than we anticipated. We are going to make some noise this year!”

The Colours Inc Autometrics Motorsport team is a combined effort between Autometrics Motorsports and Courtney Truck Services in Minneapolis. Courtney Truck Services has been servicing local Porsches in the Minneapolis area both on the street and at a Club Racing level for many years. Mike Courtney, owner and founder, said “we are very excited to participate on this new project. At Courtney Truck Services we have been already successfully involved with the Club Racing arena. IMSA is a new step for us and thanks to the experience of Autometrics we are getting our feet wet without the hiccups of being a rookie.”

Colours Inc is sponsoring the first season of this newly born team. Colours Inc is one of the largest PPG paint distributor in the East coast. Its founder and owner, Tim Evans has been a long time racer and car fanatic himself. Tim is planning to participate in a couple of IMSA races during the 2011 campaign. “I have known Fernando for several years now, when we start talking about what to do for 2011, the pieces almost fell in place by themselves. To participate in his 2011 campaign made the most sense. We are very excited with the results so far. We are clearly getting the exposure we need and the car looks great. I can’t wait to drive myself in the IMSA series.”

Fernando Pena has been driving Porsches for two years at a Club Racing level. This year he decided to jump up to the IMSA series. “I have always been curious about my potential as a driver. I think this series is the perfect stage to compare myself to the top drivers in the country. So far IMSA has run every session and race absolutely impeccable and perfect. I am very impressed with their professionalism and I am looking forward to the upcoming Miller race.”

“Next round is Miller Motorsports. Fernando seems to get along with that track quite well from previous experiences. We are cautiously optimistic that we will do well and hopefully score some valuable points for this season,” Gordon said. The team will be at the track from April 27ththrough May 1st.