Pagid Brake Pads

Pagid Break PadsWe stock Pagid Brake Pads in black and yellow compounds for most Porsche applications. Call or e-mail for pricing and availability.

Black (RS14)

This is an aggressive sprint compound. It has high friction coefficient and fade resistance. These pads are best in sprint races where maximum stopping power is needed, and for cars that are very hard on brakes. They offer decent pad life, but are hard on rotors.

Yellow (RS29/19)

This is the endurance compound. The friction coefficient is noticeably less than the black. They are ideal for endurance races where maximum braking is not needed, and for cars that are relatively easy on brakes or using DE-type tires. These pads are relatively easy on rotors and have long pad life. We use these pads on Grand-Am Rolex and ALMS series cars.