New Bosch Motorsport M5 ABS

Bosch Motorsport has introduced the new generation M5 ABS, the predecessor to its industry-leading racing ABS systems.  The M4 generation set the standard for over a decade, and M5 kits are certain to take that reputation into the next decade.

The Clubsport-level system offers Bosch’s renown performance with a universal wiring loom suitable for almost any application at a very affordable price.  The M4 clubsport proved a best-seller, and M5 improvements include totally revised hardware (identical to the pro-level systems) and improved control with the addition of a rear circuit pressure sensor.  Clubsport systems are now available at $7,000.

The Pro-level  Kit 1 and Kit 2 systems expand on the Clubsport performance with downforce-dependant and corner-dependant slip targets as well as map selection via CAN.  These advanced features along with a custom wiring harness make the pro-level Kit 1 system an attractive option at $9,250 ($10,250 for Kit 2 with autosport connectors).

Communication, setup and diagnostics continue to use Bosch’s MSA Box II interface cable along with updated RaceABS software.  For more information and to download the software, please visit the Bosch Motorsport product page.