The Latest PCA Racecar Build

Our newest PCA racecar, built from an ultra clean, low mileage 2004 Porsche GT3 previously discussed here, has just emerged from the decal shop ready for action.  Below the beautiful stripes and lettering lies the same metallic black panels seen in the GT3’s former life as a street car, but the similarities end there.

PCA J Class GT3 Race Car Interior

The chassis has received considerable modifications, most notably in the form of a comprehensive, custom built weld-in roll cage providing driver safety while dramatically increasing chassis stiffness.  All of which is the perfect foundation for the reworked suspension with race-spec springs, shocks and anti-roll balls along with a set of beautiful, lightweight Forgeline wheels shod with Hoosier slicks.

PCA J Class GT3 Race Car Wheel

Interior modifications beyond the roll cage include the addition of Recaro race seats, a flip up steering wheel, data system, 2-way radio and an on-board fire suppression system.

PCA J Class GT3 Race Car Dash

Out back the GT3’s Metzger engine is complimented with a handcrafted  German stainless exhaust system that sounds as good as it looks.  Up front the former luggage compartment carries a cool suit system that ensures the GT3’s pilot will remain cool and comfortable for the duration of the race. 

PCA J Class GT3 Race Car Exhaust

Taken together the car and its careful build present a potent and strikingly attractive competitor for PCA competition.  If you would like to have a street or race Porsche tailored to your desires, contact us.