Powering Champions

To win a Porsche Club of America class championship, a driver needs to be fast, consistent and clean.  They also need to have a car reliably built to the full extent of the rulebook.  At Autometrics Motorsports we take great pride in knowing rulebooks—whether PCA, GrandAm, IMSA, or otherwise—and carefully building cars and drivetrains specifically for the class in which they will compete.  When a customer calls us for an engine and transmission we don’t just pull one, ready made, from the shelf.  Gordon Friedman only begins building the engine once he’s spoken with the customer and knows exactly what they need. It’s a time-consuming process, but one that leads to victories and class championships.  In this year’s Porsche Club of America’s GTC3 championship alone, Autometrics Motorsports drivetrains powered the class champion and 5 of the top 11.  Nearly 20 other Autometrics Motorsports powered cars took to the track in one PCA class or another.  As newly-minted GTC3 class champion Jim Leslie wrote to us this Holiday season:

“Well, it’s official Gordon. Got the GTC3 championship! Thanks for building a legal, stout, reliable engine and transmission. As they say, you can’t finish first if you don’t first finish. See you at Sebring!”

Thank you, Jim, and congratulations on an outstanding season. 

If you’d like to have an outstanding season, contract Autometrics Motorsports to build your next engine, transmission or car.  With Gordon Friedman, you’ll enjoy thirty-plus years of engine building experience, impeccable rulebook knowledge, and the kind of horsepower and reliability for which he’s become well-known.