Paddle Shifting the 997

Created by Holinger, supplier of gearbox components to Porsche AG, this paddle shift system is designed specifically for the 997 GT3 Cup, replaces the tunnel-mounted sequential shift lever, and offers quick, precise and clutchless shifting.

Hollinger 997 GT3 Carrera Cup Paddle Shift System

The system consists of steering-wheel mounted paddles, pneumatic actuators for both the throttle body and transmission, an air compressor with integrated accumulator, two electronic control modules, a wiring harness with mil-spec connectors and braided stainless steel air lines with anodized AN fittings.  The components replace all of the 997’s stock shifting mechanisms and are in stark contrast to other systems on the market that simply use paddles and a single actuator to operate the stock shift lever. 

Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Paddle Shifter After Install

By replacing the stock shifter and locating the pneumatic actuators directly on the throttle body and transmission, the Holinger system synchronizes throttle-blip and gear change perfectly and produces instantaneous, razor sharp, clutchless upshifts and downshifts.  There is, quite simply, no other 997 paddle shifter that operates as well, or feels as much like an original equipment system, as the Holinger unit.  Check out the video below where our own Cory Friedman runs our latest Holinger install through its paces on the dyno. 


The cost of the system, installed and tested in-house, is $15k.

If you’d like to have your 997 GT3 Cup updated with the latest paddle shifting technology, or take advantage of all of our services, contact us at 843.763.7356.